Notes to Self

Excerpts from and musings on readings spanning poetry, philosophy (natural and otherwise), fiction and non-fiction.

I am Wendy Babiak, a poet, wife & mother, eco-feminist & activist. I think Einstein was right when he said that there are only two ways to live, as if nothing were a miracle, or as if everything is. As is clear by my use of the subjunctive for one and present tense for the other, I choose the latter.

In the market economy, the organising principle for natural resource use is the maximisation of profits and capital accumulation. Nature and human needs are managed through market mechanisms. Demands for natural resources are restricted to those demands registering on the market; the ideology of development is in large part based on a vision of bringing all natural resources into the market economy for commodity production. When these resources are already being used by nature to maintain her production of renewable resources and by women for sustenance and livelihood, their diversion to the market economy generates a scarcity condition for ecological stability and creates new forms of poverty for women.

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